Monday, December 21, 2009

Colours of Africa

30cm x 40cm canvas. Mixed media.
30cm x 40cm on canvas. Mixed media.

I am going through a phase at the moment where my work has been inspired by traditional African art. As I am an artist who loves vibrant colours this new line of works really fits my style and I hope that you all enjoy it too!


  1. These are really nice - I love this African art style too. Is your background textured? nice to see you posting again too. My cousin has not long moved to Hervey Bay, are you still there?

  2. Hey Jade thanks hun. I'm still near Hervey Bay just been moving around a bit so I have been a little unsettled and havent had much chance to paint. Yes the background is textured I used rice paper to get this effect which turned out quite nicely.

  3. Beautiful composition,love your colors here!